segunda-feira, 12 de dezembro de 2011



Splendid and precious root lama,
Sitting upon a lotus on the crown of my head,
Bless me with your great kindness,
Bestow upon me perfections of body, voice and mind
Oh, assemblies with the power to grant immortal life,
Oh, the seven-eyed goddess who grants immortal life(1),
Who dwells within the invincible protective tent of immortal life,
Pray grant the attainment of immortal life.
As the sun rises in space, so too the Guru, who is the refl ection
Of the wisdom, law and power of the three Lords of Padmasambhava(2),
Arises from His intention; You have made blossom the lotus garden of the precepts and realization
Of the Sakya Teachings; stay forever as the protector of the beings of the four continents.
O descendant of the Khön, emanation of the Lord of Speech(3) in that divine family,
Your activities make the paths of the Mahayana, Sutra and Tantra
Shine in the glory of giving happiness: Oh, pleaser of all beings,
Powerful wish-fulfi lling King, may Your being remain with us.
On the golden base of pure moral conduct,
You heap vast piles of the powdered jewels of study, contemplation and meditation;
You expand the levels of teaching, debate, composition and explanation;
Oh, excellent refuge, may You be as enduring as Mount Sumeru.
May You stay fi rmly, who teaches as did the conquerors,
The entire profound Lob Shed, the excellent path of the conquerors,
Which has the “Four Authorities,”(4) the oral lineage of the Conquerors,
Condensed by the Five Superior Lamas,(5) themselves the second Conquerors.
While You are here, may Your Three Secrets(6) be as enduring as the Vajra,
As you have come to be the ornaments beautifying Jambudvipa, this excellent place:
May the glorious religious kingdom of glorious Sakya exist radiantly,
LiKe the seven glorious auspicious qualities(7) of a most excellent kingdom.
May the wishes of our prayers be fulfi lled
By the power of the truth of the changeless profound “true nature”(8),
And by the power of an ocean of Deities and Protectors,
And by the great compassion of the dependable Lama and Triple Gem.

1. The “seven-eyed goddess” refers to White Tara.
2. The “Three Lords” are Avalokiteshvara, Manjushri, and Vajrapani.
3. The “Lord of Speech” is Manjushri.
4. The “Four Authorities” are: the authority of the root and lineage lamas, the authority of being based on authoritative
precepts, the authority of true experience arising by practice, and the authority of Lord Buddha s the origin of all this.
5. The fi ve founding fathers of Sakya are: Sachen Kunga Nyingpo, Acharya Sonam Tsemo, Jetsun Drakpa Gyaltsen,
Sakya Pandita, and Chogyal Phagpa.
6. The Three Secrets are those of Body, Speech, and Mind.
7. The Auspicious Qualities are those of the Queen, Horse, Minister, Elephant, General, Jewel, and Wheel.
8. True Nature or “chos-nyid” is the Ultimate true nature of all being.
Source: The above translation was reproduced form the original publication with the kind permission of Lama Sherab Gyaltsen
Amipa, Switzerland and was printed in Palden Sakya News Magazine