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HH SAKYA TRIZIN 2014 – Vajrayogini (english)

HH SAKYA TRIZIN 2014 – Vajrayogini (english)

HH Sakya Trizin
Dear friends, we are very happy to announce, that HH Sakya Sakya Trizin will be at Sakya Gephel Ling from 18th to 26th June.
Having met with Mahayana Buddhism, and in particular Vajrayana or Secret Mantra, is an exceptional event that can completely give a turn to our lives.
It is very rare that the Buddhas appear in the Universe, but finding authentic teachings of Tantra is even more difficult.
For this, among many more reasons, we consider it a great occasion to receive blessing of This Precious Guru.
On this occasion His Holiness will bestow:
Chakrasamvara Tantra, belongs to Mother’s Tantra, a class of Tantra that emphasize the Clear Light.
It was bestowed for first time at the request of the Yum Vajravarahi and Vajrapani, in a time of struggle/conflict. It is considered one of the most important Tantras, and one of the reasons why its blessings are so powerful is due to its Mandala, it is still present in this world.
It is also said in the Scriptures, that in degenerate times in which perception and willingness of practitioners are so scarce, Chakrasamvara’s blessing, because of his great compassion, acts rapidly and fully.
His own name reveals the importance that this Tantra can have for the practitioner. Chrakra means ” wheel ” and Samvara, “Great Joy”. Through this practice, we can make the experience that all phenomena are empty and inseparable from joyful mind.
His Holiness will bestow Chakrasamvara as a preparation for the Initiation of Vajrayogini.
For those who will take Vajrayogini as their main practice, it is extremely important to receive this initiation as a prerequisite .
Vajrayogini, is one of the most important tantric methods to achieve enlightenment in one lifetime.
Of the various Tantras and teachings that Buddha transmitted, Vajrayogini has several distinctive features that make these degenerate times of great benefit over other Tantras, the main advantage is the facility the practice, and the fact that just recite her mantra can make us be reborn in the Pure Dakini Land.
Within this Sacred Tradition is only allowed in the Initiation to 25 students who have previously received at this school, and 25 new students, so preregistration is required.
For the registration it is important to know :
- Name:
- Email Contact:
- Have you received Chakrasamvara 2 day Wang Chen previously? ( Yes , No, I’m not sure)
If yes :
- Where / When:
- The Guru from whom you received from:
- Tradition ( Gantapa / Luipa / Nagpopa ) :
- Have you received Vajrayogini Chin Lab previously? ( Yes , No, I’m not sure / o)
If yes :
- Where? / When?:
- The Guru from whom you received from:

1. – All first time takers of Vajrayogini must attend to Chakrasamvara Wang Chen before Vajrayogini Chin Lab, and only limited to 50 new takers. Those who have taken previously the 2 day Hevajra Cause Empowerment or the 2 day Chakrasamvara Wang Chen can take Vajrayogini Chin Lab without taking Chakrasamvara Wang Chen .
2. – All first time takers, must attend the Full Vajrayogini Sessions.
For further information, please contact with secretary or visit our website: 

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